Teanaway Recreation Plan Map


My name is Andrew Cromarty, a neighbor of yours in the Teanaway Valley.  I am also a Member of the Teanaway Community Forest Advisory Committee.  The 20 member committee is made up of representatives from various user groups, Environmental organizations, Government Agencies.  As well as a few of us Local Land Owners in the Teanaway Valley.

I am reaching out to my neighbors seeking input regarding Recreation activities in the Valley.  The Committee is working on the Recreation management plan and would like your input.

If you please, take a few moments to visit my web page. andrewcromartywth.wre.com , Click on the Teanaway tab, and look over the map of the Teanaway.  Then email me with some feedback as to;

  1. Where and how you recreate in the valley.
  2. What type of recreation you would like, as well as not like to see happen in the valley and the locations?
  3. Locations of points of interest you think should have access to.
  4. Challenges and Benefits you see regarding Recreation in the Teanaway.
  5. Other ideas you may have.

Please include your phone number in event I have questions for you.

I will collect your input, then present a report to the Advisory Committee to assist Creating the Recreation Management Plan.

All the Best,

Andrew Cromarty

425.503.8995 | Email: acromarty@windermere.com

Remember all Advisory Committee meetings are open to the public”